Thank you for joining the Half-Million Mobilization’s fifty-day journey of prayer from Easter to Pentecost. God has done his deepest works in my life through prolonged times of prayer. In my first church, a young layman by the name of Rob asked if we could hold an all-Saturday prayer meeting. I was a busy young pastor and only reluctantly agreed. In spite of myself, God did a deep work in my life that day, and his Spirit was poured out in a special way on our church in the services that followed.

I’m asking the Lord to do a deep work in your life, in our church, through our church in these next fifty days. Will you enter into this prayer time with that expectation?

Our Half-Million Mobilization theme this year is Blessing Our Community. I hope this time in prayer will do a deep work in our lives and our churches to be a mighty force for blessing our communities throughout this year ahead. The prayer time that led up to that first Christian Pentecost started as a sit-in. In fact, Jesus commanded his disciples to wait until they were clothed with power (see Luke 24:49). But when the Day of Pentecost came, God’s manifest, miraculous, powerful presence resulted in those early believers exploding from sitting in to being sent out.

As we encounter his divine power through these fifty days of prayer, may the Lord mobilize all Nazarenes in unity, empowering us to bless our communities, bring people to Jesus, and become Christlike disciples.

We’re ready! Let’s get started!

—Stan Reeder
Director, USA/Canada Region
Church of the Nazarene

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Half-Million Mobilization