Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ezekiel 34:26

I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.

Scripture Insights

In the Northwest U.S., we understand mist, drizzle, sprinkle, pouring rain, sideways rain, showers, and floods. The year we only had one day of mist, fires swept through, leaving hundreds of people homeless. We were desperate for rain. Sometimes our spiritual lives can become dry, where we only experience an occasional drizzle of God’s presence. How we need a fresh outpouring, the glory of the Lord to shower God’s blessings upon us!
I love God’s promise to the desert land of Israel to bring showers of blessing, the results of which we can see even today. Rain showers grow fruit and other crops; they quench thirst; they cause beautiful flowers to bloom. A scientist tested the water in the three streams of the Jordan River as it enters the Dead Sea and found new, fresh springs of living water flowing, so even the earth under the ground testifies to God’s showers of blessing.
We need the presence of the Lord to cover us from above, to blow in from the side, and to spring up underneath our every step. May the glory of the Lord so fill us that we can’t help but shower God’s blessings of love on all.

Today’s Prayer

Gracious Lord, please send an outpouring of your holy presence to fill us anew today. Fill our churches, that we might be a blessing to our communities. Help us to shower your love and care on our neighbors and communities.

—Kelli Westmark
Lead Pastor, Lincoln City Church of the Nazarene (Oregon)

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