May 27

1 Timothy 2:8

Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.

Scripture Insights

Have you ever felt anger and bitterness toward God, a person, or circumstance? There is potential for those experiences to grip our hearts and hold us negatively captive in our relationships. Jesus came to give us freedom from sin, death, and anything that enslaves us.

As Paul is writing in this verse, he says our prayers should not be limited by location or expression and should be without anger or dispute. He describes a freedom in prayer that comes from the inward condition of the heart. Holy hands are lifted from a holy heart, which is surrendered, molded, and transformed by the Holy Spirit. What a joy it is to lift holy hands in praise to God in prayer, celebrating his goodness and love!

There will be pain, disappointment, and difficulties in our lives. But Jesus has promised release and healing through the holiness of God. Has there been brokenness in your life recently that needs God’s healing or mending? Lift up holy hands, pray, and experience real freedom!

Today’s Prayer

Our Father, thank you for helping us to pray with holy hearts and hands! Please keep our minds and hearts in the center of your will and in the power of your presence.

Prayer Journal Reflections

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you today about the Lord’s protection, direction, and revelation for your life and the life of the church?

—Kevin Donley, District Superintendent, Wisconsin

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